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How to get Success in IT(Information Technology)
How to get Success in IT(Information Technology)......?????
What is Success?

" Success " is small word but it specify so many things. While living, each person want a Success in his life. Each person Success is different according to his personal view. Success gives us satisfaction in our life. To achieve success there is no any shortcut tricks. Shortcuts are not correct way to achieve goal. For achieve success in any field we must have to do "hard work", related with that field. Success is step by step process, it is not easily achievable, after crossing each step successfully, then at certain level we reach at top position of all steps. There are number of slogans which inspire us and change our view towards success.  Similarly  if we want to success in the Information Technology field definitely there is no option without hard work.In following way you can achieve the IT success. " YOUR IDEA + CORRECT ACTION = SUCCESS "


1.Have a positive attitude :

Your attitude plays very important role .First a fall you must have positive attitude.The attitude like the "I will do it this thing or task"

2. Choose a sub-field of IT which you have interest :

IT means Informational Technology.Today IT is very vast field.Informational Technology is collections of many sub fields.It is totally related with computer. Computer Hardware-Related with Networking. Computer software-Related with Developing and programming. Here you have to choose in which sub field you have interest

3. Set Your Goal :

Your "goal" is play most important role towards IT Success.You must have to decide what you want to achieve.According to your goal do the planning.

4. Never stop learning :

Technology enhanced education.Information Technology is a such field where you stop learning then there is a chances of forgetting that things.Always remember,if you stop learning today,you will become uneducated tomorrow.

5. Have a proper management :

while doing your task you must have proper management.while doing any work first check you have all resources which are require.

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