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DOT NET Training with MVC,WCF and WPF

If you are looking to build a career in DOT NET with MVC,WCF and WPF,then Vedant-IT Academy is the place to be. Concepts such as MVC(Model View Controller),WCF(Windows Communication Foundation) and WPF(Windows Presentation Foundation) are the ones which are widely used.

Training which is being provided in Vedant Academy is the one which major software companies are implementing. We provide you training in MVC(Model View Controller),WCF(Windows Communication Foundation) and WPF(Windows Presentation Foundation).Training of the above 3 concepts are not provided anywhere in Mumbai except at Vedant-IT Academy.images

Model View Controller(MVC):

It is a simple application for beginners to understand the role of models,view and controllers.It is a software pattern for implementing user interface.The software is divided into 3 parts namely model,views and controllers.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF):

It is a runtime entity and a set of APIs in .NET framework for building connected,service-oriented applications.It is also a framework for building service-oriented applications.we can also send messages from one service point to another.

Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF):

It is a new framework introduced in .NET platform putting a new set of classes and assemblies allowing us to write programs more efficiently and effectively. All these features /frameworks are taught in detail at this academy.

Professors at Vedant -IT Academy are highly skilled and updated with the latest technology which is very essential in today's IT world.Here,you will get advanced training in mvc,wcf and wpf.  Practical training is given Top Priority at this Academy since it is the most important thing in developing a programmer.

The main aim of the professors here is to develop good programmers and help them achieve their goals.Hence,this course is available to you at an affordable cost. Training kit will also be provided to you along with study material for mvc,wpf and wcf .

Moreover,it is the responsibilty of the students to have the dedication and will to learn the language.Unless and until you practice, no matter how good the teaching is ,you will never succeed in whatever you do.If you want any more details about the course,visit us at for more information. You can also log on to for more details .

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