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How To Create An Android Application

How To Create An Android Application

Great to know that you are interested in creating Android Applications. To create any Android App we should have an idea. An idea can be new or it might be existing but there should be some difference which will make it more powerful.


Finalize the scope of App by Writing down SRS (Software Requirement Specification) these is the first step towards the project.

Then second step is to design Wireframe with the help of It will be the blueprint of your project wireframe looks like


Third Step is Implementation and for that you must have some basic knowledge about the process.

android process

  • Core Java :

    • Android is an open source Operating System developed on the language

    • Java thus to work with its SDK IE develop an app you need to have a good knowledge of core Java concepts for that there are two Options

    • Java concepts to learn before starting Android Development :

      • Classes and Objects
      • Inheritance and Polymorphism
      • Interface and Abstract Class
      • SQL Databases
      • Multithreading
      • Inheritance
      • Exception handling
      • Event Handling
      • I/O Packages and File Handling
      • Collection framework.
  • Android :

    • Once you know basic Core Java it will be very helpful to develop Android Application.
    • Best Tool to develop Android Application is Android Studio. To download Android Studio go to this link Once downloading completed, then the next step is to install Android Studio describe in this blog
    • To create basic Android Application likeSimple Image Gallery, Login Screen using Shared Preference, Scheduled Notification using AlarmManager, Showing BigPicture in Notification, Creating Custom Web Browser, Contact Application.We need to have some basic knowledge about Android.
    • Important and basic point are as follows :
      • How Android studio works
      • Android Component
      • View Components in Android
      • Basic Widget and Activity Lifecycle
      • Working with ListView, GridView and Adapters
      • Android Data Storage with Shared Preference
      • Notification
      • Animation, font and WebView
      • Fragment
    • With the help of Core Android we can create Basic Android Application but if you want to create Advance Application like To Do list, Expense Tracker, File Explorer, Show Geo Location. It is important to know about Advance Android.
    • Advance Android points are as follows :
      • Coordinator Layout
      • Service
      • Advanced Listview / Gridview
      • SQlite Database Connectivity
      • Location and Maps
      • Material Designing

You can learn Android in two ways:

Once your Android Application is ready you may upload it; there are few steps to upload ' APK  'on PlayStore

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