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Career as a PHP Developer

Career As A PHP Developer

Many students come to us with the certain question such as what will be our career in PHP, does these language have scope in future, where we will be after 5yrs, what will be the starting package we will get, what all are benefits of this course??? Is PHP better than any other language..??

This blog is basically to provide the answers to all your questions from my experience and research in PHP field. How your career will be a PHP Developer.

What is PHP?

  • PHP is server-side programming language; use to create dynamic pages.
  • It is an amazing and popular language!
  • It is powerful enough to be at the heart of the biggest blogging system on the web (WordPress)!
  • It is mysterious enough to operate the largest social network (Facebook)!
  • It is also gentle enough to be a beginner's first server-side language!

Market Scope :

  • PHP is popular than any other languages.
  • 80% of Websites on the web are created using PHP.
  • Almost 90% of Start-Up using PHP in their Firm.
  • Every Year 1,00,000 of PHP Developers are needed in India.

Career Life Cycle of A PHP Developer :

php career

  • Student: When you have to start a career as a PHP Developer that time you should have basic knowledge of PHP; this knowledge you can acquire from Online else Offline coaching.  For Offline Personal Coaching join ITVEDANT INSTITUTE.

  • Trainee: When you got placed in the company with your basic knowledge at that time you will be as a Trainee. The Trainee is the period of provision also where these people are observing your work. Responsibility: To focused on Core Development on certain modules.

  • Junior Developer: Jr. Developer (6months - 2Years) as a Jr Developer you work as a Team Member. Responsibility: To concentrated on developing code for certain modules; where Sr Developer will instruct you.

  • Senior Developer: After 2 years the designation will be Sr. Developer. Responsibility: Coding and instructing your Jr Developer. Complex codes are developed by Sr Developer. After Sr. Developer you get two options :

    • Team Leader
    • Technical Leader
  •  Team Leader: Team Leader will handle the entire project. 50% Coding 50% Management. Team Leader Handles and assigns task to Sr. Developers and Jr Developers. Responsibility: To work on development when Sr. Developer gets stuck on any problem that time Team Leader come into the role. So as Team Leader you try to make performance better and guide Sr and Jr Developers.

  • Project Lead: Only 20% of Development and 80% Team Management. Project Lead manages 1 to 2 projects. After Project Lead you get two options :

    • Project Manager
    • Technical Architect -> who actually develop Architect of all the project and also who works as a project consultant
  • Junior Project Manager : 0% Coding and 100 % management. Responsibility: Handles 4 projects at a time.

  • Senior Project Manager :0% Coding and 100% management. Responsibility: Handles 6 to 8 Projects at a time and Also guide Jr Project Manager. Sometimes he can be a Technical Head also.

  • CTO: Highest Position is CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

There are some ladders which will help to jump or excel your growth to Higher Position in Short time with some certification.

  • PHP Frameworks :

    • If you have learned some frameworks that will affect your coding style and you will directly work as a senior developer. You will get senior developer position in just 2 years.
    • PHP Framework is widely used;
    • If you want to create certain blog websites or content related websites like content management system for that Wordpress, Drupal, Zoopla Frameworks are used.
    • If you are planning to create management level websites in which many CRUD operations are involved Yii 2, Laravel, CodeIgniter Framework for that.
    • If you want to create E-commerce Applications you have OpenCart, Magento, Prestashop framework for that.
    • PHP Framework helps to saves 70% of Time and cut your efforts
    • With Framework, we can develop any websites easily and in short time.
  • PMP certification or MBA: If you have leading qualities then you will get Team Leader position in less than 5 years. If you have done some certification like PMP certification or MBA you get Project Management position in less than 6 to 7 Years


Average Package will be as follows :



Packages per month


8000 to 12,000

Jr. Developer

12,000 to 20,000

Sr. Developer

20,000 to 50,000

Team Leader

50,000 to 80,000

Project Lead80,000 to 1,00,000
Jr. Project Manager1,00,000 to 1,50,000
Sr. Project Manager1,50,000 to 2,00,000
CTOAbove 2,00,000


Best Of Luck as a PHP developer and If you want are seeking a career as a PHP Developer then Contact ITVEDANT for your Bright Future

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