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Career in Python

Career in Python

Why Python Language as primary language?

Before learning any programming language you must have referred many blogs or ask on quora that which programming language is best in 2020 or which language will give hike in your career, but trust me, many of them surely mentioned PYTHON and yes Now a day it is one of the Leading Programming Language.

The reason python gets that fame is Lot Career Opportunities ahead, we have already started using python because of Automation. Python's reach and market penetration increased as it was adopted by Google as its primary language even for its development.

So let’s start with Python.

Python programming language is similar to other programming language like Java & PHP, but because of simplicity of code and versatility features it is used for different purpose. Python is not a new language in the market; it has been since 1991 and already gain vast usage & popularity till now. Python is one of the best language as it is more flexible & powerful open source language as well as simple, easy-to-use syntax which can help to learn programming for beginners. The Python Syntax is clean and length of code is relatively short. It is used in many industries such as IT, Pharma, Commerce, Retail Business, Hospitals and so on. Upcoming Technologies like Google Assistance, Google Automatic Car and even Amazon Alexa which is almost known by everyone is develop by python language.

If you want to create any Desktop Application you are open to use PYTHON Language. In Web Development you can use python for designing both frontend and backend. Many Programmer prefers python as primary language when it comes to dealing with Network related issues. Even python is used to develop algorithm to get some probability. And most trending Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Automation uses python to create robots.

Career Opportunity in Python

Most trending language is python as there is high demand & less competition because of low supply. We are not just setting the trend we have actually experienced that when we were hiring Java Developer & Python Developer; we received 50’s of resume for Java but only 10 good resumes for Python, many interview rounds for Java, but less for Python as we had no choice. These situation, explains competition in the market. There are many Python job opportunities in India - Indeed Job Trends explains the growth of job posting for python

python job trend

Source : Indeed Job Trends

Python Learning Path :

When you are kick starting your career as a python fresher or experienced you need to know what step by step path you need to follow  - if you want to learn python with 100% practical training then visit

  • **Python Level 01 - Beginner :** These level contains - Python Basics, DBMS, HTML 5 + CSS3, JavaScript, Django

    • Python Basics: Help to make base strong with Oops concepts, GUI & CGI Programming, Networking Programming. Learn Python
    • DBMS : It helps to learn basics of DB.
    • HTML 5 + CSS3: It will cover your frontend designing in which You will learn how to create a simple Webpage with HTML and CSS helps you to define styles for your Webpage. Learn HTML5 + CSS3
    • Javascript: Learn how to make your website more responsive with JavaScript.
    • Django: Django is a high-level internet framework that helps for quick development of web project. Learn Django
  • Python Level 02 - Intermediate : These level contains - SAS, R Programming, Tableau.

    • SAS: It's fun learning SAS. And it provides simple user interface and easiest way to access many applications.
    • R Programming: R programming language, handles statistical computation of information and graphical representations. Learn R Programming
    • Tableau: Using drag-n-drop functionalities, you will design a very interactive visuals among minutes. Learn Tableau
  • Python Level 03 - Professional : These level contains - Big Data, Machine Learning + Artificial Learning, Deep Learning.

    • Big Data: Big data can analyzed for insights, It helps to make better decisions and strategic moves. Learn Big Data
    • Machine Learning + Artificial Learning: Machine learning it helps software applications to become more accurate in predicting outcomes. Learn Machine Learning + Artificial Intelligence.
    • Deep Learning: Deep learning neural networks used to identify objects and determine optimal actions. Learn Deep Learning

Python Job Profiles:

These section is specially for candidate who are confused what all things they need to learn to get specific Job Profile.

  • **Python Developer :** Topics need to be cover are Python basics
  • Web Developer with Python : To be Web Developer you need to cover Python Level 01 topics.
  • Data Analyst : To be a Data Analyst you need to cover Python Level 01 and Level 02 topics.
  • Data Scientist/AI : To be a Data Analyst you need to cover all three Python levels
  • And other job profiles are a Software Engineer, Research Analyst

Career in Python

Conclusion :

Now that you know what career opportunities are open for you and what is learning path for python. Many students have many question in there back of the mind such as where can i learn python? Where i will get 100% practical training? Don’t worry just kick start your career in python with us and get 100% support with 24/7 doubt solving.

Time is precious, Don’t waste it. Visit our itvedant branch in thane today itself and get free counselling from expert.

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Career in Python

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