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Career as an Android Developer

Career As An Android developer

Almost 86% of mobiles users in the world are using Android devices. These vast populations of mobile users are addicted to many applications on play store. Many organizations are now developing mobile apps to manage their business processes anywhere anytime. All these things lead to the demand of android developers

Why Android?

  • It is based on Java language. If you have knowledge of java you can easily learn android.
  • With easy to use Android studio tools designing and developing Android apps becomes easy.
  • Deployment and usage are very cheap and easy.
  • The software industry is short of talented Android developers. Every year it produces thousands of job openings.

Career growth and Milestones :

Android developers have very good career growth. In first 6 to 8 years of their career, they do most of the coding. After that, once they reach to managerial position their main job is to manage their team and clients for completion of projects on time.

Trainee / on probation :

Whenever a fresher android developer candidate joins company gets this designation where management is monitoring work to make that candidate permanent. Here your basic knowledge matters most.

Jr. Android developer :

Trainee developer gets promoted to Jr. Android developer position once he/she got a permanent job in a company. Key responsibility is to develop code for application under the observation of sr. developer.

Sr. Android developer :

After almost 2 years of experience and good performance as Jr. Developer, one gets promoted to this position. Developing tough modules and sometimes handling entire coding for the app.

Team Leader :

Once you have 6 to 7 years of experience you can lead a team of sr. and jr. developers under the guidance of your project manager. Here you will need to gather some management skills which will help you in upcoming future.

Jr. Project Manager :

Managing single or couple of projects at a time and making sure it will get completed as per requirement and in given time period. After the experience of 7 to 10 years, you reach this position.

Sr. Project manager :

Here you manage 4 or more projects at a time. This is the position of more responsibility which defines the growth of any organization.

Chief technical officer (CTO) :

Instead of going in management if you choose to be a part of technology-related work your company may promote you to the position of CTO where you are making architectures and taking big decisions which are related to technology being used while creating software.

There are many intermediate designations offered by different organizations as per their hierarchy structure. Sometimes designations are named differently but roles and responsibilities remain same as mentioned above.

Salary structure as per designation :

Following is the average salary structure which might change with companies and individuals performance and skill-set.

DesignationExperience (in years)Monthly Salary (in Rupees)
Jr. web designer0-28,000-24,000
Sr. Web designer2-524,000-45,000
Team Leader7-965,000-90,000
Jr. Project manager9-1290,000-1,20,000
Sr. Project Manager12-151,20,000-2,00,000

Become Android developer :

To become effective Java developer one should have knowledge of following technologies:

  1. Core Java – This is a starting point for Java. In core java, you will learn all important basic concepts which every Java developer should know.
  2. Android studio– Learning concepts of designing android application and communicating with database and web services.
  3. Kotlin – This is the new official language of for developing android apps.

Anybody can learn all these technologies online. But for effective learning, one can join web design course at an Itvedant institute. We provide hands-on training which is practically orientated.

Contact to join the course at or Contact Page.

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