Why choose us ?

We have 80% Practical and 20% Theory model. Independent laptops given to every candidate and each line of code you write is scrutinised under the eyes of the trainer.

To understand every minute concept from vivid angles notes, slides, interview questions,online knowledge-base, sample programs and projects are provided.
Apart from itvedant  certification, the course content is designed for you to target global certifications from known vendors.

Only Knowledge Counts is our motto and to showcase that knowledge in the most effective way is also important, with resume writing and interview preparation you get that extra advantage to achieve the job you dream for.

If you are dissatisfied with our teaching methodology or if we do not achieve what we commit you get a 100% refund for your fees..

After the completion of curriculum projects candidates get chance to work on live projects to apply their skills in real world. 

Corporate tie-up

itvedant was started with the aim of bridging the gap between education and skills needed for the job. As along the way all these years many corporate found us as a valuable partner for acquiring quality candidates as their employees as well as training their existing employees. This not only saves their training charges but also the precious on-boarding time in an live project. The tie-up is now reaping its fruits which benefits the students enrolling in itvedant in a way that we can proudly say we give 100% placement assistance.

Engineers @ work


Popular courses

Web Development - 80%
PHP - 95%
Mobile App Development - 80%
Java - 75%
.NET - 85%

Our Expert Teachers

Mayuresh Naik
HTML5 & PHP Trainer
Pranit More
Mobile Apps Trainer
Swapnil Gondkar
Web Trainer (Corporate )
Manisha Shetty
Java Trainer
Vishal Hatiskar
.Net Trainer
Muskan Chandnani
Java Trainer (Corporate)
Rajnish Vishwakarma
Android Trainer (Corporate)